About NOM

 Hello all! David Trahan, President of Neworleansmusicians.com here. I wrote this to a new acquaintance on messenger and I wish more people knew this about me. So I’m leaving it here.

"I want to restore Louisiana's music scene to what it once was. I’m going to do that by bringing traffic to the site as best I can, interviewing musicians, and bringing in the music industry professionals worldwide by providing them a free business page as well. And in turn, local musicians will have a directory with a messaging system so that they can DIY. I don’t have a clear vision on how any of this will make money. But I will have merchandise, I do have a YouTube page, I do have a podcast, and I do have a blog. These are all means of exposure for musicians. And I’m sure there’s a way to try and recoup what I’ve spent through those avenues via advertising. I play keys and I write music. And I’ve always been in love with music, especially live music. I really think that if we come together behind this thing, it could be a focal point for learning, DIY, and a means for the outside world to find musicians in Louisiana and put them to work. If you have any more thoughts or questions, we can do it here or you can message me. I would love to hear more from you please."

And honestly that includes all of you. Whether that be a like on a local band's post, or better yet you drop by their next show. I just want to get us all back in motion... supportive... present. They might be the seed. But you all are everything the seed is not. You both need each other to grow.